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First Democratic Leadership Dinner, Three Local Women Honored

Three women were honored tonight for their hard work and dedication to the democratic party.

Barbara Fiala, the former county executive of Broome County, Brette Mc Sweeney, president of the Eleanor Legacy, and Amy Dacey the CEO of the National Democratic Committee in Washington were all honored at the first democratic women of Broome County Leadership Dinner.

Officials say that the event was long overdue and they hope to expand on it next year.

"And I've just done campaigns my whole life and helped really try to support local parties whether they were in Cayuga County where I grew up or here in Broome County. I think it's really important to help support everything that happens at the grassroots level to build the party and get information out there on what it means to be a Democrat and to be a part of the process," said Amy Dacey, the CEO of the National Democratic Committee in Washington.

Dacey grew up in Auburn, New York and went to Binghamton University.