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JCC Hosts 4th Annual Triathalon

The Jewish Community Center is asking people: Why not try a triathalon?

Sunday, the JCC in Binghamton hosted its 4th annual "Why Not Tri Triathlon" event.

More than one hundred participants came.

The triathlon started in the swimming pool, followed by a bicycle route and finishing with a run. Winners from various age groups and teams were awarded medals after the race.

Organizers say this event gets people out of their comfort zones.

"The main focus of our triathlon is to get people started in trying something new, getting them into three events, helping with the activity in our area. Hopefully people come out and try our event because it's somewhat of a beginners. And maybe they pick up more interest of an athletic activity and become more active," said Director of Health, Physical Education and Recreation at JCC Dave Whalen.

Proceeds raised from today's event will help to keep JCC program prices lower and benefit youth sports programs at the organization.