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Residents Attend St. Joseph's Bazaar

The festivals continued Sunday as an Endicott Church celebrates the 2015 Bazaar Season.

Sunday was the final day of the annual St. Joseph's Bazaar in Endicott.

This weekend's festivities included specialty food and drinks, live music entertainment, casino games, children's games and raffles. Today there were ethnic dishes available including a new addition of fried pickles. Galaxy brewing company was also present..

Thousands attended the event and proceeds will go towards the church and their services.

"It's not just about the money, it's about bringing the community together and just seeing when you look out and you see families having picnics in our lawn, and just everybody dancing last night with the band. You just know you're doing the right thing," said Co-Chairperson of St. Joseph's Bazaar Terri Smith.

St. Joseph's is considered the start of Bazaar season and next weekend the St. Anthony's Bazaar will also be held in Endicott.