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BU Hosts 30th Invention Convention

Some students are showing off their best and brightest inventions.

Saturday, the 30th annual Invention Convention was held at Binghamton University.

More than 120 student finalists from grades K through 8 participated in the event. The students were asked to build a product by thinking of a problem and coming up with a creative solution. The students then try to "sell" their ideas to judges. Organizers say the goal of this event is to keep young minds active and innovative while helping them see what they're capable of creating.

"We see so many good things that come out of this. We see kids that are the world's best salesmen, and they've probably never done that
before, because they thought of something, they reached deep, way deep inside, and pulled something out that they didn't know they had. And now they have something to show for it, a prototype. And now they're selling it and it's just going through a wonderful process, " said
Co-President of Binghamton Imaginink Mark Pierson.

Winners from Saturday's event received ribbons and medals but organizers say that all of the students are successful from their creations.