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Volunteers Repair Local Woman's Home

A woman's home is repaired thanks to the help of some community volunteers.

Johnson City resident Louise Soules is a retired widow that has been facing difficulties with her roof. Every time it rains, water leaks into her home.

Saturday, with the help of the Impact Project -- a home rehabilitation group -- more than 60 volunteers installed a new roof in her home. They also installed a new electrical system, repaired her front steps and re-landscaped the property.

"It's about getting people to sustainable situations so that they can live day-to-day and just have the basic needs. And, at the same time, rebuilding their hope because most of the homeowners, and Louise is no different, they've given up. They've tried and they've tried to help their situation, and it's just about rebuilding hope with people," said Director of The Impact Project Jim Willard.

"I'm just thrilled to pieces for everything these people are doing. And they're taking their own Saturday and volunteering for a woman they don't even know," said Soules's Niece Leona Robertson.

This was the Impact Project's 73rd humanitarian event since it began in 2004.
After today, more than 2,000 people have taken the time to volunteer with local projects.