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Fallen Firefighter Golf Tournament Held in Owego

Locals are taking to the green to remember the lives of fallen firefighters.

The Owego Fire Department held its 3rd annual Owego Fallen Firefighters Memorial Golf Tournament Saturday.
The event consisted of 65 teams with more than 250 golfers and more than 100 sponsors. According to organizers this makes it one of the largest charity tournaments in the Southern Tier.

Saturday's tournament honored fallen firefighters Matt Porcari, Steve Gavin, Richard Beck, Winfield Knapp and Roy Wiltse.

"Today, not only do we recognize sadness, but we recognize joy that their memories won't be forgotten, and we'll continue it on. And the people see that we really, and the community, the sponsors and everyone that's involved in our tournament, really support firefighters, so that's really what it's all about," said Co-Chairman
of Memorial Golf Tournament John Loftus.

More than $30,000 has been raised in the tournament in the past three years.
The proceeds raised from today's event will support building and operating costs for the Owego Fire Department Training Facility and a 2-thousand dollar scholarship for an Owego Free Academy senior.

This year's scholarship was awarded to Owego Firefighter and Emergency Medical Squad member Cara Jones. Jones says she hopes to pursue a career in nursing.