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Pride Flag Flies Over Binghamton

A rainbow flag rises above the city of Binghamton in honor of Pride Month.

Saturday kicked off Pride Month in Binghamton with a flag raising ceremony by Mayor Rich David outside of City Hall.

In addition to the mayor, letters from other political figures and speeches from other prominent community members were given at the ceremony.
Pride month recognizes and commemorates the LGBTQ or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community.

According to organizers the raising of the flag symbolizes a cultural acceptance in the community.

"I think we just really want to show people that we're just like everybody else. And we just want to show them that we're proud of who we are and it's important that we're important people in the community. For many years people felt ashamed of who they are and didn't want to express who they were and now I think with the times that have changed, people really feel comfortable and that it's okay to accept who you are," said Co-Organizer of Binghamton Pride Coalition Chris Waters.

Pride Month in Binghamton will continue with events including an Interfaith service, Pride Palooza and an adult pride picnic heldthroughout the month of June.