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Garn, Armstrong optimistic heading into nationals

For the first time ever, two Binghamton Bearcats will be headed to the national championships for track in the same year. Jesse Garn will run the 800 meters and Keishorea Armstrong will compete in the long jump. But just because they're from a small school like Binghamton doesn't mean they're chances aren't good, even for Armstrong who was recruited for high jump and only started the long jump a few months ago.

"It's been an amazing journey to discover things that I'm better at," Armstrong said. "So, I'm just looking forward to any progress I can make."

"My goal, as well as my coaches goal, for myself is to advance to the finals," Garn said. "Once we get to that point, anything can happen. At that point, 8 go to the finals, top 8 is already first team All-American, that in itself is a tremendous success... so let's try and do that."

The national championships begin June 10th in Eugene, Oregon.