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Medical Marijuana on Way to Southern Tier?

By Fox 40 Staff.
Friday is the final day for interested businesses to apply to New York for one of five medical marijuana licenses.

Each licensee will set up four dispensaries for a total of 20 dispensaries around the state. Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo was co-sponsor of the Compassionate Care Act, which legalized medical marijuana in the state. She said she's spoken to a handful of companies who are interested in having a dispensary in Broome County, and one who wants to build a cultivating facility and dispensary in the area

"One way or the other there's been an interest in either growing medical marijuana here in a secured facility or having a dispensary here. I think it's very likely we will at least get a dispensary because of where we are located in the state," said Lupardo.

The State's Health Department is expected to pick the five companies who will win a license sometime in July. Lupardo says the company interested in a cultivating facility in the area wants to do so because of the presence of the upcoming BU Pharmacy School.