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A Boost for Start Up Businesses in Binghamton

Small businesses looking to get their start in the Binghamton area might get a boost thanks to a new incubator.

The Agency, formerly The Broome County Industrial Development Agency, hosted a grand opening in downtown Binghamton.

The Agency partnered with Binghamton University to designate space for eligible start-up New York companies to provide tax benefits for certain new businesses.

Officials target businesses with new technologies, new services or new products. They are also gearing toward the younger millennial generation.

Deputy Director of Communications Stacey Duncan said, "We want to fill in the gaps for them and what their needs are, maybe they need information on IP protection maybe they need information on funding sources, or how to write a solid business plan. So our goal is to provide them with all of the resources or the ecosystem to grow into our local economy."

Officials say that the energy of downtown Binghamton will hopefully attract new entrepreneurs.