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Volunteer Firefighter Announces Run for Binghamton City Council

Town of Binghamton firefighter Dave Adler announced his candidacy for Binghamton City Council.

Dave Adler announced his candidacy this evening on the southside of Binghamton for the 6th district seat.

Adler says that he would like to expand on current activities and programs along with creating new ones for youth being active.

Adler also wants to focus on having local government work with businesses to create more jobs for residents and keep tax rates low.

"And to me the Binghamton area as a whole has so much to do it has professional sports teams, the Tri-Cities Opera, it has the symphony, it has the Ross Park Zoo. There is always something to do within the City of Binghamton and the surrounding areas," said Dave Adler.

Adler is currently the Town of Binghamton Volunteer Fire Department's Vice President.

Adler says that he would like to keep the city looking crisp and presentable and would even like to bring back lighting up the South Washington Street pedestrian bridge.