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Councilman President Bill Berg Announces Re-Run for Binghamton City Council

The president of the Binghamton City Council is looking for re-election.

Democrat William Berg, a Binghamton resident for the past 40 years, announced his candidacy for the seventh district seat today at the site of the new Rite Aid pharmacy on the corner of Robinson Street and Whitney Avenue.

Berg says this is a site where his leadership in promoting new businesses and jobs proved critical. Berg says there is more work to do and he wants to be a part of it.

"A person who votes for me shows they have confidence in what I did and what I can do. I'm a big compromise person. I will answer all phone calls, I'll return all phone calls and give them answers, sometimes it's not the answers they want to hear but I do provide people with answers," said William Berg, Binghamton City Councilman.

Berg is running against Republican Tom Scanlon who announced his candidacy May 28.