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Owego Officials Respond to Critical State Audit

Village of Owego officials are speaking out after the State Comptroller took the Village to task over it's accounting, calling it's fund balance records inaccurate and unreliable.

Village Mayor Kevin Millar says he agrees with many of the recommendations from the Comptroller's Office, and is already implementing some of them. He says he's also appointed some members of the Board to come up with a corrective action plan. One of those members says he's been raising the alarm about the Village's shortcomings for a year.

"The way the accounting is done you don't really know which department the expenses are being done in. It's just a very poorly organized accounting system that I'm not familiar with. And I think it's obviously got us in trouble," said Owego Village Trustee Steve May.

"There actually was no imperfection so to speak in the numbers, just the way they were arrived at was a problem. Procedural problems more than money problems," said Millar.

the Village must present a corrective action plan to the Comptroller's Office within 90 days of receiving the audit.