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Local Woman Announces Candidacy for 6th District Binghamton City Council Seat

A local woman has announced her candidacy for Binghamton City Council.

Shari Weiss announced her candidacy this afternoon on the southside of Binghamton for the 6th district seat.

Weiss says she is a veteran of the US Army Reserve who has experience in leadership within several community coalitions and task forces.

Weiss says if elected she will tackle employment issues, infrastructure and fiscal policy. Above all, she says her platform focuses on fostering a healthy community and on affordable housing.

"I also think that the city needs to look at the current housing inventory and look at ways that we can expand affordable housing while supporting all the other housing opportunities that exist in the city," said Shari Weiss, Candidate for Binghamton City Council, 6th District.

Weiss says if elected she will be committed to listening to citizens, and prioritizing their concerns