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Testimony Continues in Calvin Bell Murder Trial

By Beth Rousseau.
Calvin Bell's defense team spent the day picking apart the testimony of one of the state's star witnesses. Bell and his co- defendant Nigel Smith are charged with second degree murder for the death of Bretnie Owens in Binghamton in June of 2013, and face additional robbery charges.

the witness who says she was romantically involved with calvin bell, remains adamant that despite being with bell and smith just before bretnie owen's death, she knew nothing about what was happening to owens in his apartment on june 15th 2013.

She told jurors that when she reconvened with an anxious Smith and Bell at Bell's apartment, the two men were exchanging money in the bathroom and she noticed a significant amount of heroin in the apartment.

Defense attorney Michael Korchak pointed out that the witness never mentioned the heroin in prior police statements and at the grand jury hearing.
This would be come a common theme throughout Korchak's cross examination as he highlighted inconsistencies in the witnesses testimony and statements to police.

When confronted with these inconsistencies, the witness openly admitted to not being honest with authorities saying that she was scared of being implicated for this crime and of threats made by Bell. Korchak made sure to question the witness about past run-ins with police including her conviction for petit larceny.

Her response is that all of the situations were misunderstandings. Prosecutors will continue to call witnesses Thursday morning when testimony enters day number seven.