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Local Landmark Holds More than Just History

By Beth Rousseau.
It's considered one of the most notable landmarks in the City of Cortland, but the 1890's House is known for more than just it's impressive architecture and history.

"Your house, your history,"says 1890's House Board Member Michael Stoll.

For years this has been the motto of the 1890's House Museum, but in the late 19th century the house was home to prominent Cortland businessman and industrialist Chester Wickwire.

Museum Coordinator Karina Murphy says, "He was a good guy. You try to find any dirt on him and it's really tough to do."

Wickwire lived in the 15,000 square foot home with his wife Ardele and their two sons.

"I think the Wickwires sort of symbolize Cortland's golden days," says Murphy.

Unexplained incidents in the Wickwire's former home leave many believing the spirits of the Wickwire family still roam the halls of the house.

"There just is some spiritual energy in the house and you do feel it," says Stoll.

During one of the first paranormal investigations one of the former board members says fingerprints appeared on the wall in one of the bedrooms.

Museum Attendee George Murphy-Wilkins says,"There was a voice that said get out and then it growled."

"I swear the floor squeaked behind me and I turned and no one was there, and I heard it again and no one was there," says Murphy.

Stoll says,"You got an overwhelming warm spell in the room and then a cold spell and then I caught something out of the corner of my eye going across the room."

While multiple paranormal investigations have detected spiritual energy in the house all have confirmed that what and whoever is in the home is nothing to be afraid of.

Stoll says,"The spirits that are in this house are all positive, there's no negative. Nothing bad ever happened in the house... All we've gotten is positive reinforcement."

The 1890's House Museum hosts ghost tours of the home in April and October.

For more information on the Museum visit their website at www.the1890house.org