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NY Senate Passes Tough Sex Offender Laws, Yet to Pass Assembly

The New York State Senate passed a set of bills it says would toughen sexual offender laws - but if passed how much of an impact will they make?

The bills would make it a felony for a sex offender to fail to verify their address annually, even if it didn't change. They would also expand the information available on the state's registry website.

David Lindsay, whose daughter Sheri was raped and murdered when she was 12, says the bills would represent an improvement. But, says steps like school districts themselves informing neighborhoods of the presence of sex offenders, would be a more effective way of keeping people safe.

"If you have that stigma that you're a sex offender in any way people should know about it. But this is a step in the right direction. There's just so much more that the state can do," said Lindsey.

"I think they're very good bills. We do need to tighten up some of our notification processes for sex offenders. I'm very much in favor of that. Bottom line, we need to provide as good a level of protection as we possibly can," said Assemblyman Clifford Crouch (R-122nd District).

Crouch isn't sure if the Senate bills will pass in the Assembly. He says he is co-sponsor of a bill that would require sex offenders to register temporary addresses as well.

He raises the example of offenders who have campers they can stay in frequently but not as of now have to register as an address.