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Audio from 911 call, bodycam video released from Jones Hit-and-Run

The audio from the 911 call as well as the police body cam video from the April 26th hit-and-run accident involving Jon "Bones" Jones has been released and posted online by MMA Digest. The Endicott native and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion was arrested following the accident and later released on bail. Following the accident he was then suspended indefinitely by UFC President Dana White who also stripped Jones of his Light Heavyweight Title.

In the video released Tuesday, a witness to the accident says she sees a man, now believed to be Jones, fleeing the scene on foot:

Caller: "The guy just hopped off into a yard. The guy that's getting out of the SUV, he took off running."
Dispatcher: "What color is the SUV?"
Caller: "He's running... he's running over fences, he's jumping over fences."
Dispatcher: "Okay, what color is the SUV?"
Caller: "The SUV is like a very light silver/whitish color, the Buick."
Dispatcher: "Okay."
Caller: "But he took off running."
Dispatcher: "Which way did he go? What direction?"
Caller: "He's going onto a gated community, north of Juan Tabo into a gated community."

The video then shows police interviewing one of the two victims who described the accident saying that the driver of the SUV, presumed to be Jones, ran the red light causing the accident. Police then are shown searching the vehicle finding papers belonging to Jon Jones with MMA and Nevada Gaming Commission headers. Upon deciding that the Jon Jones in question is the UFC Fighter Jon Jones, the officer wearing the body cam remarks "well he's f***ed."

No new court date has yet been set for Jones. White has said that he's unsure whether or not Jones will fight in UFC again, but if he does, he'll get a shot to win back his title currently held by Daniel Cormier after he beat Anthony Johnson in UFC 187, the fight that was supposed to feature Jones and Johnson.

The link to the full video can be found below: