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Local Charity to Raise Money for Those in Need

A local charity will have people stepping off the side of a building to help raise money for those in need.

Catholic Charities in Broome County will be conducting a first step event where participants will raise $1,000 dollars to rappel down the side of the Double Tree Hotel.

In all, 76 participants will make their way down the 10-story building.

Officials from Catholic Charities say that the first step people take mirrors the first step people who need help need to take.

"It resonated with us that we can help people take the first step in helping themselves and get back on track and we know that people who've taken that first step it's a lot easier after that and they frequently come back and help us later after they get help,"
said Lori Accardi, Executive Director of Catholic Charities in Broome County.

The event will take place August 21st of this summer. If you are interested in learning more about the event you can visit the website catholiccharitiesbc.org