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JC Canstruction

Some kids are using brain power to battle hunger.

Students in Johnson City are working with mentors from BAE Systems for a building project called canstruction.

Monday the group collaborated to a build an american flag and etch-a-sketch board in the middle school lobby all out of cans.

So how exactly does canstruction diminish hunger in the Southern Tier?

Teams collect canned goods and construct different objects and later the cans are donated to Catholic Charities.

BAE Systems Manager Steve Kranly said, "You know Its building on their team skills, teamwork, working together and it's super it's so much energy right now. "

Fifth Grade Student Brandon Smith said, "Feels pretty good. Why? Well probably the fact that some of them don't have food and they could starve and we're helping them out by giving them food."

BAE Systems has provided the $2,000 worth of cans.

The displays will stay up for about a week before the cans are donated.