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Testimony Continues in Calvin Bell Murder Trial

By Fox 40 Staff.
Testimony continued Monday in the trial of Calvin Bell, charged with second-degree murder in the death of Bretnie Owens in June of 2013. The prosecution, which says the death happened in the commission of a robbery, continued calling it's witnesses Monday.

The prosecution called Binghamton Police Investigator Jeff Wagner to the stand. Wagner interviewed Sarah Verrocchio. She is the woman who claims she heard scuffling in the kitchen and a male voice asking Owens' where the dope and money was.

Verroocchio testified last week that when she walked into the kitchen a black male with a bandana covering his face grabbed her, put a gun to her face and threw her face first to the living room floor next to Owens.

Wagner says Verocchio though she saw the man who did this to her two days later at the department of social services. but after looking at the surveillance video, Wagner told the jury it turned out to be another man, Derrick Small and not Calvin Bell.

The last witness who took the stand was Binghamton Police Investigator Amanda Miller. On May 19th 2015, she bought daisy flat- nosed led pellets from Dicks Sporting Goods on Upper Court Street that matched the pellets found at the 2013 site.

Miller demonstrated that the pellets fit into the cylinder with ease and could be used on the gun found. The prosecution will continue calling witnesses when court resumes at 9:45 Tuesday.