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Officials Talk "Saving Your Hearing"

Sunday is National Save Your Hearing Day and officials are identifying the many ways to prevent future hearing loss.

According to the Center for Disease Control, exposure to noise over 85 decibels, which can include sounds like gunshots, firecrackers and even rock bands; for certain periods of time, may cause permanent damage to hearing.

Amanda VanFossen, patient care coordinator and hearing aid dispenser at Lawson's Hearing Center says there are some safety measures you can take to keep hearing at your best ability.

"We typically see people come into our office that already have a hearing loss. A lot of times they wait too long, so we recommend you do what you can to preserve the hearing that you have. Some things you can do would be to wear proper ear protection, such as ear plugs. If you're listening to music, we recommend you listen to the music at a low volume when you have your earbuds in," said Patient Care Coordinator and Hearing Aid Dispenser at Lawson's Hearing Center Amanda VanFossen.

VanFossen suggests getting your ears checked with hearing tests and starting at a young age.

For more information on hearing aids and hearing loss, you can visit the company's website at www.lawsonshearingcenter.com