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Grace Lutheran Church Begins Service in New Location After Fire

After a devastating electrical fire rips through a local church just weeks ago, the members are remaining faithful.

Sunday, the Grace Lutheran Church held their service for the first time at their new temporary location, the Memorial Park Baptist Church on Front Street in Vestal.

On May 18th thecongregations' original church location at Main Street in Vestal caught fire and was heavily destroyed.

Despite the destruction of their original location, churchgoers say that they're faith hasn't gone down with the building, and although their location is different, their service remains the same.

"Well our church, we're a very loving family, we're all Christians. Even though our building is destroyed, it was a catastrophe, the body of our church is very strong. And we love one another, we want to support the community, as the community has supported us as well," said Head Elder at Grace Lutheran Church John Miller.

The church will continue their 9 a.m. services at their temporary location until they rebuild or purchase a building at a new location.