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Dogs Take on Vestal Rail Trail

Who let the dogs out!

The Vestal Rail Trail is open to the dogs!

May is Pet Cancer Awareness month and Saturday Every Dog's Dream Rescue held the K9's for a Cure 5K and dog walk.
The event helps to raise money for pet cancer research.
More than 50 people and more than 25 four-legged friends, including a cancer-surviving dog named Reese, came out to walk.

In addition to the walk, the dogs were treated to complimentary doggie bags. Organizers explain why a cure for dog cancer is necessary....

"Anybody who owns a pet knows that they become part of your family. So, as a pet parent, you're going to do for your pet basically the same thing that you would do for your children. We're going to get them diagnosed properly, we're going to seek proper treatment. We want to extend their life, we want to cure them when possible, and if that fails then we are just as much about quality of life as we are with humans," said volunteer for Every Dog's Dream Rescue Mary Hubschmitt.

The organization hopes to gain more than $400 from today's event that will go toward animal cancer research funding.