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Hundreds Attend 5K Walk/Run in Pajamas!

Some locals are taking to the park in their pajamas -- but don't worry -- they're not sleep walking.

More than 300 people came out to the 4th annual A Room to Heal 5K Run and Walk.

A Room to Heal is a local non-profit organization dedicated to creating a healing environment in the homes of Broome County children who are affected by serious medical conditions.
The top three runners in each age bracket also won things like gift certificates and running bags.

"We encourage people to wear their pajamas which is a tie-in to the children who we help who are often confined to their bedroom or a bed because they're dealing with a serious illness," said Executive Director of A Room to Heal Linda Snyder.

"My cousin Connor has been struggling his whole life, he can't walk or talk, and they helped him and they made his life easier by putting in some machines that can help him. And I want to show my appreciation to them for what they did for Connor," said Binghamton resident Emma Olsian.

Saturday's event raised more than $17,000 which will help A Room to Heal to provide tranquil environments for the children.
A Room to Heal has assisted more than 60 rooms so far and is currently working on seven more.