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Conklin Remembers Those Who Served

The Town of Conklin is honoring those who've dedicated their lives to serving our country.

Saturday more than 50 people came out for the Conklin Memorial Dedication in connection with Conklin Community Day. The dedication was held at the memorial site along Conklin Road right near the Community Center.

The location honors local residents who have served in various wars from the Civil War to the Iraq War.

After more than 40 new inductees, the Memorial will honor more than 450 veterans.

One theme of today's ceremony was the phrase, "thank you" and organizers say that they can't say this enough to those who served.

"A lot of times there are memorials that are geared toward people that have died in service. In this case, it is about their service in general because that is a sacrifice, and not only they have sacrificed, but their families have sacrificed also and so we want to honor that," said spokesperson for Conklin Veteran's Memorial Committee Ken Boston.

Concluding the ceremony, there was an unveiling of new Vietnam War Medal of Honor stamps, issued by the post office.