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Vestal Elementary School Students Help Kids Battling Various Diseases

Students at Vestal Hills elementary school gave what they could to help other children battling serious medical conditions.

Fifth-grade students in Amanda Donahue's class led the effort that resulted in a $538 donation to "A Room to Heal." The class far exceeded it's goal of raising $200 dollars. A Room to Heal provides healing spaces in the homes of children battling different types of disease.

5th Grader Sophia Garzo says, "When we raise money for them, we're helping somebody stay alive and helping someone have a better life."

5th Grade Teacher Amanda Donahue says, "They're so fortunate and we want them to learn that it's their job as citizens to help other kids in the community and other people in the community who may not have everything that they have.

There will be a fundraising 5-k walk Saturday at Otsiningo Park in Binghamton. 60 staff and students from the school will be part of team Vestal Hills.