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Emotional Testimony in the Calvin Bell Murder Trial

It was an emotional day in Broome County court as an eyewitness recounts the events leading up to the death of Bretnie Owens. This is the 2nd day of testimony in the trial of Calvin Bell who is charged with 2nd degree murder for Owens' death in June of 2013 along with 3 additional counts of robbery.
Our Beth Russo joins us in the studio with the latest from the courtroom.

Sarah Verrocchio says she's still haunted by the events that occurred in Bretnie Owens' apartment in the early morning hours of June 15th 2013.

Verrocchio told jurors that Owens was her heroin dealer, that the two had just finished having sex and she was getting ready to leave when she heard scuffling in the kitchen and a male voice asking Owens' where the dope and money was.

Verroocchio says that when she walked into the kitchen a black male with a bandana covering his face grabbed her, put a gun to her face and threw her face first to the living room floor next to Owens.

According to Verrocchio there was another black male kneeling on Owens' back and going through his pockets. When the two men moved into another room Verrocchio says she ran from the apartment leaving Owens gurgling on the floor.

Verrocchio returned to Owens' Stone Street apartment later that day where she found authorities investigating the crime scene. She says she approached police and told them about the incident.

Defense Attorney Michael Korchak points out that she was not completely honest with officials, leaving out the fact that she was sleeping with Owens to obtain heroin. Korchak also questioned Verrocchio about her discussion with police just days after this incident where she incorrectly identified a man as one of the two robbers.

Verrocchio will take the stand once again when court resumes tomorrow morning at 10.