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Acclaimed Author Visits Local High School

An acclaimed author paid a visit to a local high school to shed light on both the mechanics and the business of the writing game.

Mary Sangiovanni, author of the novel "the hollower" and other thriller novels lead a writing workshop with Seton Catholic High Schoolers. Students were given the chance to discuss and ask questions about submitting work to publishers along with finances. Sangiovanni also spoke to the kids about character development and giving them a driving force that readers can identify with.

Mary SanGiovanni said, "We talked about how you take that character through a conflict through a problem that you throw at the character and ultimately create a story arc that there's a satisfying ending in that the character changes in a way that makes sense."

Mary Sangiovanni has been writing fiction for the last decade, was nominated for the bram stoker award and is a member of the Authors Guild and Penn Writers.