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Life Long Binghamton Resident to Run for City Council

A local member of the Binghamton City School Board announced his campaign for Binghamton City Council.

Eastside resident Tom Scanlon announced his candidacy Thursday afternoon. Scanlon is a life long Binghamton resident and currently works at Broome
Bituminous Products Incorporated.

The republican says that some of the issues he'd like to address if he's elected to city council are reducing crime and paving roads.

City Council Candidate Tom Scanlon said,"I feel more police are needed and I feel that's a big concern. And obviously the more police the better off the city is. And part of city council's job should be to make sure the police force has enough people and make sure the chief is well staffed."

Scanlon is running in the 7th district for a seat currently held by City Council President, Democrat Bill Berg.