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Oxford Students Learn Dangers of Distracted Driving

By Jason Weinstein.
It was a moment that changed one life and ended two others forever. In 2008 Jacy Good was riding home from college graduation with her parents when a distracted driver caused an accident which killed Good's parents and left her with limited use of the left side of her body.

Good and her husband travel the country speaking to high school students about the dangers of using their phone while driving. Thursday hundreds of students at Oxford High School heard the message loud and clear.

"If someone tries contacting me while I'm in a car I'll probably just turn it off, put it down and wait until I get somewhere safe," said Oxford High School sophomore Nick Deforest.

"Seeing how many people can die within a day is upsetting because you're taking someone's life away," said Oxford High School sophomore Misty Johnson.

"Those ripple effects of pain because so many people are being hurt or killed because of this choice to use a phone, so my goal is to start that opposite ripple effect. We have so much power when we're sitting in that passenger seat to be able to speak up," said Jacy Good.

Jacy and her husband Steve stress that even hands-free use of a phone can be a dangerous distraction. Just having a conversation on the phone while driving can limit your focus. For more you can go to hangupanddrive.com.