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Endicott Residents Continue Fight Against National Pipe & Plastic Company

Endicott residents are continuing their fight to shut down the National Pipe and Plastics Company which they say is an environmental hazard to their residential neighborhood.

On Wednesday night some Town of Union residents and their attorney gathered at the George F. Johnson library to sign affadavits stating what they've experienced since the Pipe and Plastics company moved into their neighborhood. The group recently contacted the department of environmental conservation to conduct a study on the impact the company's emissions are having on the public parks and water.

"They're just destroying the neighborhood. I have odor, truck traffic in my backyard. I've got noise 24 hours/ 7 days a week. I've got forklifts dropping pipe, people yelling, horns blowing. It never stops, its 365 days a year pretty much and that doesn't belong in a residential neighborhood, said Dennis Ede, Lead Plaintiff in the case.

"These affadavits are going to be submitted to a New York State Supreme Court Judge asking for an injunction to shut them down or cut back a shift or 2 so they can iron out the issues, said Attorney Ron Benjamin.

Benjamin says he will turn the paperwork over to the judge on July 27th, which will give National Pipe and Plastics a chance to respond. The company's attorney was not available tonight for a comment.