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High School Students Show Off Business Skills

By Fox 40 Staff.
High school students showcased their business skills all in the name of competition.

Wednesday Binghamton University hosted the Greater Binghamton Scholastic Challenge where high school students from 13 participating schools presented business concepts, ideas and inventions before a panel of judges from local businesses. Ideas included goggles for motocross & other outdoor sports that allow for voice activation to remove dirt and debris from it's lenses.

Marketing Specialist Abbie Evans said, "It's a good opportunity for them to get experience building a business plan, get an idea of what goes into building a business, and definitely a great opportunity to make contacts with the local area."

Johnson City High School Senior Stella Safari said, "I think its great for like kids our age to be involved in this because we kind of get a sense of the real world and like actually working with other people and you know it might be the best or it might be the worse you know you kind of get the feel for that. And every single day that we've been working on this I've gotten the feel for that and this is actually something that I want to do in my life."

This is the 5th year for the Scholastic Challenge. College scholarships are awarded to presenters with best prototype and most innovative idea.