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High School Senior Wins Sweet Ride

High school students from Windsor and Chenango Valley are going to prom in style after winning a prom car giveaway at Gary's U-Pull It.

This year's car giveaway winner from Windsor is Shannon Smith.

She says that she's still in shock after receiving the keys to her black Chevrolet Tuesday morning.

Shannon plans to take this car to college at Marywood at the end of the summer.

"My jaw just kind of dropped to the floor. Ididn't believe it cause the odds of actually winning the car are so hard. My boyfriend elbowed me at the table and because I was half asleep he said, 'Shannon, go get your prize! Go get the car!',"said Windsor Senior, Shannon Smith.

"To win the car we have to wait until the end of the after prom so that helps keep kids safe and keep us out of trouble," said Chenango Valley Senior Harold Jones.

A winner from CV will be announced on June 5th after that school's prom.

This program has been going on for the past 26 years.