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BU Officials Talk "Enough is Enough" Sexual Assault Campaign

On Binghamton University's campus today officials took another step in instituting the state's new "Enough is Enough" campaign to combat sexual abuse on college campuses.

The policy creates a statewide definition of affirmative consent, a sexual violence victim/survivor bill of rights, and an amnesty policy to ensure that students reporting incidents of sexual assault are granted immunity for certain campus policy violations, such as drug and alcohol use. The new policy will go into full effect in the fall.

"How would one report instances of sexual violence? To whom can you report? What should you expect when you do report? What are your rights as a student on campus around issues of sexual violence and sexual assault?" said Brian Rose, Vice President of Student Affairs for Binghamton University.

The policy also created a dedicated hotline for reporting sexual assaults on college and university campuses. That number is 1-844-845-7269.