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Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul Tours Downtown Binghamton

Before stopping by the Regional Economic Development Council meeting this afternoon, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul toured downtown Binghamton this morning.

She visited the Maines Veterans Memorial Arena, 2 Court Street, and the student housing project, Chenango Place.

All three venues have received grants from previous Regional Economic Development Awards. Hochul says they highlight the progress the program is allowing cities throughout upstate to enjoy.

"Policies from Albany for decades have been focused Downstate. Our Governor admits that. He says that's been one of his signature challenges and something he's really moved forward on is reversing that trend," said Hochul.

Hochul also addressed recent criticism that the state's tax-free Start-Up NY program meant to attract businesses hasn't met job-creation goals.

She says the program is making progress and will show more results as time goes on.