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Endicott Residents Honor Local Veterans With Annual Parade

Many people enjoyed the weather and sunshine with parades across the Southern Tier, including right around the corner in Endicott.

Families and friends filled Washington Street wearing red, white, and blue to honor those who have served our country.

"John F. Kennedy always said, 'It's not what your country could do for you. but what can you do for your country' and I have tried that for 23 years and I have been very successful, said US Navy Veteran Edward Arnold from Endicott.

Arnold has been leading the memorial day service for years and today he remembers his best friend Edward Sova, who served in the army for six years and passed away on May 14th.

"Before he died, on the 13th, he said to his family and wife, 'I'm going to home with the lord tomorrow and I hope I don't miss the boat,'" said Arnold.

The parade lasted for about 30 minutes Monday morning and the crowd continues to grow each year in Endicott. That
caught Arnold's eye and the other veterans in attendance.

"Tears to my eyes. They told me that the parade was so long that it just makes you glow so much. And the crowd has improved so much more than it was last year. It's good that they came out and support the people that have died and sacrificed their life," said Arnold.

Arnold retired in 1988 after being the commander for Post 82 in the navy. His message to everyone today comes from the movie Forest Gump, "life is like a box of chocolates."

"Just take a moment out of your life for 30 seconds before you conclude your picnics or dedications and thank the Good Lord that all the veterans we have up there are thinking about you and you really made our day," said Arnold.