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Vets Honor Fallen Service Members at American Legion

Memorial May may be may be known for cook-outs, celebrations and parades,
but some veterans are taking the time to enjoy the holiday more simply.

Vets at the American Legion Post 80 are kicking back, reminiscing on their days in the service and explaining why the common celebrations have a deeper meaning.

Daniel Booker served in the United States Army from 1978 to 1987. Now, he's a proud member of the American Legion Post 80 and knows how important it is to acknowledge and appreciate the Memorial Day holiday.

US Army Veteran Daniel Booker said, "This is something that we can do to continue to keep the cost of freedom alive in the hearts and minds of people."

American Legion Post 80 House Manager Anthony Giordani said, "We say a prayer for them, we're honoring their memory because we don't want people to forget. There's still troops dying today and they'll be part of the celebration every year from now on."

And speaking of celebrations we've got barbecues, memorials and you can't forget those patriotic parades boasting the red white and blue...

Booker said, "Sometimes it's surprising to find that you'll see somebody marching 'hey wait a minute that's my neighbor, that's my barber that's my butcher I know this man I didn't know that he was in World War II or Dessert Storm and so its an opportunity to kind of give a round of applause you know 'Hey thank you' and kind of put a face on the cost of freedom."

The American legion also offered a beer and bowl of chili this afternoon, free for any veteran that has served.