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Tioga County Fairgrounds Host Grassroots Sustainability Festival

Thousands head to the Tioga County fairgrounds but its not for your typical fair.

Sunday was the second day of the 5th annual Grassroots Big Splash Sustainability festival. The festival highlights vendors selling their eco-friendly goods like clothing, solar-powered energy, yoga demonstrations and handmade jewelry.

There were also two stages with live music. Organizers say the festival provides a way for people to enjoy themselves while working towards a more sustainable future.

"Sustainability is really our future and I think it's been a topic and a kind of buzzword and people don't realize how many choices they actually have during the day to make a difference in their own lives, that are healthier for them, and then for their community and for everybody," said Co-organizer of Big Splash Sustainability Festival Bess Greenberg.

"And really everything to do with sustainability is both good for us, good for the plant and good for the economy," said Program Manager.

The Festival raised thousands of dollars and those proceeds will benefit the Grassroots Festival Sustainability program.

More Grassroots festivals are scheduled for a variety of locations throughout the summer.