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Stop DWI Crackdown Begins Friday, Runs Through May 26th

Plan on having a couple drinks over the holiday weekend? You'll also want to make sure you have a plan on how to get home safely.

Starting today and running through Tuesday May 26th Broome County will have increased checkpoints and patrols for the stop DWI crackdown.

Stop DWI Coordinator Chris Marion says that it's imperative to have a sober ride home whether it's a designated driver, or a taxi.

Officials also suggest taking keys away from impaired drivers and help them make safe arrangements home.

"It also starts with drinking responsibly. So counting your drinks,
substituting for non alcoholic drinks, spacing drinks out, eating plenty of food are all things that delay the
absorption of the alcohol," SAID Stop DWI Coordinator Chris Marion.

There is also a free Stop DWI mobile app called "Have a Plan" for both apple and android phones.