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B-Mets need to give full effort; no more, no less

The Binghmamton Mets dropped the final two games of their short road trip by a combined score of 19-3. They still sit in second place in the division with a 22-18 record, but a two game skid can spiral dangerously out of control if it's not stopped quickly. Luckily, they return to the comforts of NYSEG Stadium to try to turn things around.

One key part of doing so, giving 100% effort. But, as Pedro Lopez says, giving any more of any less can be detrimental.

"I believe in 100. That's the way you should live your life every day and that's the way you should play the game," Lopez says. "Whether you're 75% because as an athlete, you're not going to feel 100% every day. There's going to be aches and pains that you're going to have on a daily basis and if you got 75% today, but of that 75% you give yourself 100%, chances are you're going to be successful. Whenever you cross that line of 100% and you go 101 chances are you're going to mess up because you're trying to hard and I think that's what's happening right now to our ball club."

B-Mets host Akron Friday at 7:05.