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Scratch Off Ticket Makes Johnson City Man a Millionaire

A Johnson City man becomes the newest millionaire of Broome County in a matter of seconds.

Edward Shattuck bought a Supercash scratch off lottery ticket from the Price Chopper on Glendwood Avenue in Binghamton.

He won the jackpot winnings of three million dollars, which he says he had to look at a few times to actually believe and have two of his sons to verify for him that he had won.

Shattuck chose a one-time payment totaling of 2.3 million dollars which comes to $1,548,612 dollars after taxes.

Johnson City resident Edward Shattuck said, "I'm going to take care of my family first thing, my four sons and my eight grandchildren. That's what it's all about. Take a few vacations, maybe Florida, maybe Oklahoma and visit my wife's sister."

Shattuck says that he'd also have to do some research and figure out what car he should buy.