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Binghamton City Council Discusses Noise Ordinance Policy

Binghamton City Council members are pushing forward with the city's noise ordinance.

The issue has been on the table for more than a year.

As of now, the Binghamton Police, the Department of Public Works and Code Enforcement handle the city's noise complaints.

Last year, the city received approximately 1300 noise complaints.

Council members say just want to encourage the administration to fund training and equipment which they estimate to cost less than $15,000 dollars.

"Its a quality of life issue its also an economic development issue and we need to have clear cut standards and a way to delineate them. So the council has made the decision that the standards and the criteria need to be clearly defined and we need to have the tools and equipment new decimal meters, to measure those and to set the standards and so thats the direction were going to go," said Teri Rennia, Binghamton City Council.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 17th.