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Could Heroin Antidote be Sold Over the Counter

By Fox 40 Staff.
It's been credited with saving lives with more and more people being trained on using the heroin antidote narcan. But could that antidote soon be available over the counter?

New York State Senator David Carlucci urged the state's Department of Health to allow pharmacies to make it available over the counter. Narcan reverses the effects of a heroin overdose long enough to get the person medical help. Those who have been trained to use narcan say there are still issues that need to be ironed out if it were to be available over the counter.

Captain Fred Akshar of the Broome County Sheriff's Office said, "I'm encouraged by the fact that this program could expand and become and over the counter situation. With the said I think we need to do a very good job at tracking the amount of Narcan out in the environment and ensure that we know and are able to track when it's deployed in the field."

Narcan reverses an opiate overdose for about 30-90 minutes. Signs of an overdose can include slow or shallow breathing, bluish lips, heavy nodding, and not responding to stimulation.