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Back to the Drawing Board for Tioga Central Budget

By Fox 40 Staff.
Officials in the Tioga Central School District are planning their next step after voters rejecting their budget proposal.

That spending plan was the only school budget rejected by area voters Tuesday night. 53 percent of voters actually voted yes but because the Tioga Central budget called for a 30 percent tax hike and exceeded the state's tax cap, it needed a super majority of 60 percent to pass.

Now the district must decide if it wants to put another budget with a tax increase in front of voters, or a contingency budget with no tax increase. That would mean cuts of more than $900,000.

"(At) $900,000 we'd be looking at closing a swimming pool, looking at a reduction of all of our extracurricular activities, clubs and those sort of things," said Tioga Central School Superintendent Scot Taylor.

Taylor also says a contingency budget would mean staff cuts and an inability for the district to buy three new school buses. A re-vote on a Tioga Central school budget will be June 16th.