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Maine-Endwell Welcomes Arrival of King Leonidis Statue

Maine-Endwell High School celebrates the arrival of a new statue.

The new bronze 14-foot tall version of King Leonidis now greets visitors at the front of the high school.

The statue was donated from Steve Anastos, who was a Spartan immigrant and now the owner of the Broadway Diner in Endwell.

Anastos also started a King Leonidas fund in 2011 which offers students yearly scholarships.

The school's principal says the statue serves as a symbol of pride.

"It's huge it not only big for the school it's big for the entire community. There's been a lot of excitement building up for this it's been 5-years in the making. And starting with the vision of the Anastos family to bring this to us but it's really a symbol what we really want to represent in our community and represent and build as far as fostering what we really want to represent as far as character for our students," said Principal Tom Burkhardt, Maine-Endwell High School.

On the base of the statue you can find the phrase “Molon Lave” which in Greek means, “Come and get them.” That phrase has become a battle cry for the Maine-Endwell sports teams.