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Local Students Honor Late Holocaust Survivor

A simple gesture to honor a legacy. Vestal students planted a tree Tuesday afternoon to commemorate a Holocaust survivor.

Dina Jacobson was 16-years-old when she was taken to Auschwitz concentration camp where she survived a three-year experience.

For the last 23 years Jacobson travelled to different schools through out the area sharing her story.

Last year she passed away and the students of Vestal High School planted a flowering pear tree in the front of their school this afternoon.

"And she came for 19 years every year to talk to a large group of students in the lecture hall. And how we should use her experience to go forward and be good people in the world. We should never forget what happened so that it doesn't happen again," said Rachel Kosty Student Government President.

Students and community members will hang antique bottles that will contain letters to Dina and how she touched their lives in some way.