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More Rangers in Binghamton Parks This Summer

Binghamton Mayor Rich David is pushing for a boost in police presence in community parks.

This Summer the city is expanding its Park Ranger Program. The program WILL allow five park rangers, up from last year's 2-rangers, to conduct mobile patrols of all of the city's parks.

Ranger duties will include enforcing park rules on dog leashing, smoking, alcohol consumption and leaving the park at dusk. Rangers will also be assisted by the Binghamton Police Department.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David said, "Established in 2014, last year the park ranger program has been a key tool in combatting unwanted activity in our parks. By significantly increasing the number of park rangers for the summer the city can expand its efforts and take back out parks."

The total cost for this year's Park Ranger Program is about 38-thousand dollars, Funded by both city and federal community development block grants.
park rangers will begin mobile patrols beginning Memorial Day and going through Labor Day this year.