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Residents Continue Push for Police Modernization Law

Binghamton residents are pushing for a more diverse police force and legislation that would ban racial profiling in law enforcement.

Monday members of city council, the Binghamton police force and members of the Human Rights Commission met to talk about a change in the Police Modernization Law.

The proposed law calls for diversifying the Binghamton police force and requiring cultural competency training for all members of the department.

Human Right Commission members say they just want to reaffirm what is already law: that racial profiling is illegal in the City of Binghamton.

Sean Massey Binghamton Human Rights Commission member said, "What we wanted to do was take out the part that police felt was contentious and focus on the things that we agree with so that we can get this passed. We feel like a the chief said during the meeting is that the police department agree with those three points so all we're trying to do is solidify them as priorities for the city through an ordinance."

City Council members have not discussed a date for the next meeting, but expect to discuss further in the coming months.