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Former Congressional Pleads Guilty to Plotting Muslim Massacre

Members of the Muslims of America Inc are speaking out after former Tennessee Congressional Candidate Robert Doggart pleads guilty to plotting a massacre on the Muslim Village of Islamberg in Hancock.

Doggart was arrested on April 10th following an FBI investigation launched in February when Doggart posted threats to the community on social media.

Doggart is facing a maximum of five years in prison after accepting a plea deal of one count of interstate communication threats.

Members of the Muslims of America Inc. say this deal is too lenient and urge the court to revisit the charges brought against Doggart.

Tahirah Amatul-Wadud says, "You cannot imagine the level of disruption Mr. Doggart's threat has caused the families of Islamberg."

Hon. Hussein Adams says,"We love our country and we are prepared to protect the constitution and our religious rights, religious freedoms under the full extent of the law."

While awaiting sentencing Doggart is under house arrest after posting $30,000 bond.